True Happiness is Giving it Away

(For One Direction tickets go to My name is Amanda and I have a speech impairment which I am finally unashamed of. I've had my dreams taken away. I'm an open nerd, in love with Harry Potter, music, dance, writing, and theatre. I'm just a person trying to help and bring happiness to others, while discovering things about myself. If you do a good deed, anything from smiling at someone, send it to me as a "Submit Good Deeds!"
This blog discusses world matters and life lessons. Filled with poems, advice, songs, quotes, 'fortune cookies', 'Deep Roads', quizzes, articles, and questions. This blog is made to find and cultivate the love in the world.

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I often hear people talking about dreams. Dreams, I believe, are the novel of our souls—as if our hearts created a journal of what we desire. When I mention this, people say they wish their dreams were reality. Little do they realize that the only person with the power to mix their dreams with their reality are themselves.
— Amanda

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